Publisher’s Pick

The history of most cities and towns in America are told through the generations of families who have settled there. Some old, some new…we grow up on different perspectives and impressions of those who surround us. In Mountain Valley Embrace is a story of Salida as told through the eyes and ears of its town folk. Past and present. Real and fictional.

The magic and wonder of the zoo is seen through the eyes of young Sophie and her grandfather, Edgar.  The zoo animals are in need of costumes for their shows, which leads to Edgar who has had a costume shop since he was a young man. This journey ends at a spectacular performance by the animals at the zoo with plenty of songs and fun along the way.

The 1904 Saint Louis World’s Fair was a sight to behold. Everything around the world was brought to St Louis.  For a composer named Henry and an electrical engineer named Franny, their city became a playground of the future.  In story and in song we live the experience of the light that lit up St. Louis over a hundred years ago.

Along the riverbanks near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, a small trapping post would later evolve into a city of great potential. The Hills Above The Riverbank follows the history of Saint Charles through all its progressions through story and song.